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PD Dr. Berit Hildebrandt, Seminar for Prehistory and Early History, University of Göttingen

Berit Hildebrandt is the coordinator of the project and the PI on the German side. She is a classical archaeologist and ancient historian with a research  focus on the models of trade and exchange of goods, among others silk, along the Silk Roads in Antiquity and the impact these goods had on the societies that imported them. She has also worked with heritage learning and is interested in how cultural heritage can be used to further intercultural dialogues.


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Prof. Dr. Guy Bar-Oz, School of Archaeology and Maritime Cultures, University of Haifa

Guy Bar-Oz research focuses on the cultural and biological heritage of the ancient Lands of Israel. His main research efforts deal with developing and applying novel methods for reconstructing in high resolution the culture and environmental landscape of extinct past societies.



Dr. Orit Shamir, National Treasures, Israel Antiquities Authority

Orit is head of the International Exhibitions Department at the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA). From 2001-2019 she was a curator responsible for organic materials at the IAA. She specializes in ancient textiles, loom weights and spindle-whorls from the Neolithic to the Medieval period in Israel. 


Dr. Roy Galili, Department of Archaeology, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev


Roy is an archaeologist and a farmer from Moshav Idan in the Arava. He is a researcher of desert cultures. His main subjects of interest are: megalithic architecture, worship and belief in the desert, landscape archeology, influence of the environment on cultural development, the relationship between desert cultures and the cultures of the fertile land.


Nofar Shamir, School of Archaeology and Maritime Cultures, University of Haifa

Nofar is an MA student and a team member in the ongoing excavations at Nahal Omer and a research assistant of the project. She is documenting and curating the organic material including the textiles from our excavations along the Israeli Incense and Silk Roads.

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